My Funeral

We, Indians avoid discussing three things aloud – Death, Sex, and Mensturation. A thousand of questions popped up in my mind as to why can’t we discuss it, we all die and then a thousand of people attend the funeral ceremony from all parts of India and abroad.

With all this being alive experience, I would like my funeral to be according to me – My funeral, my rules. Well, I call it self love. People who never cared to show up in my life when I was alive, I don’t want to see them in my funeral either. Is there anything wrong? To me, no it’s not! But, if you share such opinion with others, a judgmental gush of water, of course drives their head. The so called free advice begins, this is not you should think of, why are you being mean, why are you talking of death, etc., etc.

Well, my life has made me shameless, as I don’t see shame in others when they become selfish for their own advantage and this is my body and soul we are talking about. I don’t wish to leave the preparations onto someone who doesn’t even know me quite well.

Hence, after jotting points, I understood one thing pretty clearly that I don’t want to get burnt. The thinking sight gives me goosebump. To me, burying is peaceful. Now, I am a Hindu, so again advices from religious preachers no you can’t or you shouldn’t. What comes to my mind, when I hear it – Who are you to tell how my soul will get peace?

I have heard in Portland you can book your choice of granite before you die and I feel it is fantastic. Hence, would like to book in prior with a tombstone. Why can’t we be open to variation of death and ceremonies when we can do a multitude of sex positions. Why everyone loves to control each other when there is no business of anyone as how I would like my funeral ceremony to be like.


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