Loose Feelings


She caresses in her arms casually and realizes the life isn’t the same anymore. He is not the man she wants to be with, he is not the man whom she loves madly. Only one man, she is in love with or at least with the idea of him.

The man she smittens, hit her, throttle her neck, and yet affection towards him conquers night after night. Salt water in her eyes, practically tells her the answer that she tries hard enough to escape the thought of it.

He was superbly lucky to have her in life. Why the value of someone diminishes when that human is near to you all the time? Why can’t we keep our emotional habits simple to avoid complications?

The world says goodbyes are difficult. In my opinion, no closure is the hardest. Well, you never got a chance to say your heart to someone you were affectionate deeply.

Let’s get over it. Eventually, everyone does. Residual effect keeps sparking once in a while, but it is something you can’t do anything about it. Residual feelings are harmless. It is like a chain, we keep on replacing someone in someone’s else life and it is never ending process. This is how the world works, maybe.


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