Empowering Memories


Can memories go away? Past memories, big or small memories; everything lies within us whether we wish to embed in us or we don’t. From a simple coffee flavor to the months spent with someone, we remember it all.

We never forget anything, all the information is processed and absorbed into our mind and heart. That we simply call it as memories. Though memories sound a positive term, however, to me sometimes it brings up the pain that has been residing in me for ages.

We have a habit of saying, we regret, only to realize that past memories still hurt. Memories overpower daylight; such is the power of it. The memories can keep you crazy for someone forever. Memories can make you fall in love with someone, without the intent of receiving anything in return. Memories can make you laugh; can make you cry, can hurt you, and can even drive you to be lunacy. Still, we say so casually say those old memories.


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