Hellish Divorce


Why the process of divorce is ugly? Just like anyone else on this earth, I too thought that I won’t have to go through it, and yet here I am writing about my painful journey of it. Who knew?

Life has many unfolds but it has a habit of playing its card too close to its chest. I am exhausted to an extent that nothing is taking me out of it mentally. Took a spiritual solution, to a makeover, nothing arouses my feeling towards my life. The excitement of moving towards my life rail is slow as a snail.

The work, love, life in a whole is so much affected and now I fear the death of all the emotions in me. Divorce takes everything from you, body cells even. There is not even a single day when I don’t regret my decision of marrying him. I don’t know what got into me, or it was just a smitten mode of me.

What’s done is done? I may be wrong in my thousands of ways, but finding the right direction has what led to me a wrong navigation. Life compass sometimes goes wrong but re-correcting is important instead of continued suffering of your mistake.

Taking a divorce is tougher than climbing a mountain for me.


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