What is Being Happy?

Is happiness a temporary state of my mind? Is happiness missing someone? Having a luxurious life is happiness or achieving a goal is; I looked answers to it, everywhere and noticed we all are looking for this answer in our beautiful own ways.

I’ve achieved, I’ve failed, thereafter I struggled and reached one step ahead to fulfill my dreams and my strings are pulled, once again. I am pretty habituated with the entire idea of life playing games with me. People come & go and now I don’t even bother anymore to look back in the search of the happiness of what is in front of me. Unfortunate for me, I haven’t still found it yet.

Now I don’t even know – what is being happy? I know what does an okay mean? But, happiness, still looking for a certain dictionary page, of life that I may haven’t read it yet. People say to fall in love is happiness, eating rich food or traveling gives them happiness. I tried it all and don’t know how is the feeling of being happy. I want to feel the pinkness of happiness, the unusual smile of life contentment.

Life is moving from a stagnant phase, however, this state of mind of being happy, how does one gain. All I feel it is the volatile feeling before you realize it has arrived, it simply waves you a goodbye before you even feel the presence of it. The entire game is to feel, sense, and mind.


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