Black Bag of Darkness

Who has a black & white life? Who has a life with a clear yes & no? Who has led a purely good life? We all have a piece of our life, which we aren’t proud of, i.e. the dark side of our life. We don’t have an ability to admit it on someone’s face that yes, we have a gray region of ours that we don’t visit it, anymore or maybe we still do, or our mind is caged in it. As we start to belong to this dark community, we began to look for someone with whom we can share an evil gray side of us.

Do we feel comfortable talking about the dark side of our life? No, not at all. Initially, I thought my kind of species (with a dark side) are less in number. The more I am having interactions with strangers of this earth, the more it becomes an eye opener to me.

I call it the black bag that is strung to our life, whether we like it or not. A bag that is connected to the chamber of the heart and sensitive enough to even prick. We all have different ways to deal with this tiny baggage. How am I dealing with it?

I talk to all kinds of people and gradually like a greedy monster, I try to dig information about their lives. Somehow that comforts me as if I feed on their life stories that may be shady, hard to digest or a clandestine phase. I like to hear it all. Now it whets my appetite to know what people have in their black bag. It has become a routine contentment to me since I am not the only one, who owes this beautiful black bag.


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