Why Should You Love The People You Hate?

Every now and then, we start hating someone at some point of our lives for some reason; it can be your sister because she ruined your wedding or your friend for lying to you. There is no end to human emotions, they are varied and comes in different packages of life.  However, think differently and see if you start loving the people you hate. Does that sound  bizarre? Therefore, following are the reasons that you should not be a hater anymore:

  1. Don’t Hate Yourself – If you extremely dislike someone else, thus it is a given fact that you are not a big fan of yours, either. Hence, love yourself and others too, no matter even if they don’t really treat you well. Because, how worse it is, there is always room for forgiveness.
  2. Holding The Grudge – If you don’t stop hating you will  always have a chip on your shoulder that will not let you live peacefully. So, be it your upcoming promotion or romantic life, you are putting everything at a stake, emotionally.
  3. Hatred As A Universal Thing – If everyone keeps loathing about others, it will accumulate in every nook and corner of the earth, making love extinct.
  4. Be A Great Human Being – Show yourself that you are a man of substance by loving someone you really hate.  That will be a reality check of your character. You will know where you stand.
  5. Learn A Lesson – Every incident in life teaches us something. Evaluate your past bad experiences with the people whom you call, maybe black beast of your life and see how that event has changed your life. Because one bad episode of life strengthens and enhances their wisdom towards life.
  6. Free Yourself From Negativity – Having negative feelings about others will make your pessimist. Hence, get rid of bitterness surely, you will feel fresh and light from within.
  7. An Inspiration  –  Loathing people around are motivators in your life that can indicate you to move ahead in life. Hence, whether it is an unfair boss or betrayal from a friend a hindsight gives a reality check whether you are on the right track.
  8. Enhances Self-Control – No matter how many people around, whom you hate, would try to drag you down.  But it is you, who never needs to stoop so low. It will help you to become tough in life and would be able to face any adversities of life.
  9. Positive Reminder – A past call amid the journey of life will tell you, how far you have come through and that you have accepted life as it came to you, making your future brighter.
  10. Patch Up – There can be a feeling of resentment currently but as we know time can heal everything so maybe sooner or later the person whom you hate might become a good friend. Keep yourself open to things and you will satiate your inner feelings for sure.
  11. Consciousness –  Loving the person who you hate, eradicates any past emotional baggage attached to you, giving you a fresh life.
  12. Make A Difference – You are not the same as the other person is; hence, you bring a change and love the person you hate, maybe that individual’s behavior may change with time towards you.



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