We all have fear instilled in us. The cause can be connected to a childhood memory or to an incident that is settled deep inside but hard to remove it permanently. The time fear surfaces, it is definitely hard to focus. We just fake it until that resurfaced memory is gone back to where it belongs.

I do have a fear of trusting people. Was I always phobic? No, never! Sometimes, one incident is enough to make your life change absolutely. As taught by my father, I’ve always lived with a notion that if you do good for people, then others will do good to you, too. As I grew my belief in it started to stagger and one day when I was betrayed by the man I love, I became pistanthrophobia. I couldn’t​ believe that I gave someone my heart, and he just persistently hurt me with a blanket of lies. However​, the truth has its own way to come out.

Though I am healing myself with the fallen circumstances, but I don’t know how to trust anyone anymore. I have a fear that I will get hurt again. Now, if someone really tells me a truth, still my mind waves start to ponder about the hidden agenda of that person.

Why do we need to trust anyone? We must be detached so that no one can disappoint us or ruin our mind and heart. We all take time, to accept changes, but it is surely not an impossible mission to achieve.

Yes, I have pistanthrophobia and I don’t feel bad about it. This is better than getting hurt from your friends and family.


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