My Existence is…

For a very long time, I’ve been looking for a concrete answer to my existence. Who am I? Why am I living? What was the purpose of my birth? Disappointedly, I have to admit myself that I still don’t have an answer to it.

What makes an identity? Is it the job we do? Is it the money we make? Is it the surname we carry? Is it the religion we belong to? I don’t really know an answer to it.

Now I feel for ages I’ve been wandering for an answer to this heavy question. We all feel that we were born to do something in life. Some exile to a spiritual destination in search of it and a few feel that they already have an answer to it. The process of life and the dark side of it makes us more curious than ever. In the bright sunny side of life, no one questions anything because we are happy and loving each day as everything seems perfect. A little twist in your life tale and we all start to wonder about our life choices.

Is it the life choices that creates our existence in the world? Maybe or maybe not! I ponder with a repeat mode but unfortunately, I don’t have an answer to it. However, all I know is we have come alone in this world and all the emotional and physical baggage that we’ve earned or created in this birth will be left behind.

Hence, I’ve stopped looking for answers and now only believe in karma, maybe one day during the journey of life, I will get my eye opener reply to my question of – why do I exist?


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  1. The courage to ask those difficult questions is but the beginning of the journey to self-knowledge.

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  2. milliethom says:

    I think most of us ask questions like these throughout our lives, Searching for answers about the meaning of ‘self’ – our ‘identity – is only natural. Many people believe that fate, or destiny, decides in which direction our lives will go. Others firmly believe what we make of ourselves depends on the decisions and choices we make. We all make our own minds up about these things.

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    1. Aria says:

      Yes, I agree! But the thought process varies leading to a different answer altogether, maybe, that makes us different from each other. Also, there are some who feels they already know the reason behind their existence.


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