Struggles Every Dad Faces to Be a Good Father

A father wants to give the best to his children and certainly provide them with a stable life. Fathers are seen as a hero in the eyes of their kids, and to live up to their expectations he has to work really hard. Dad teaches his kids about the outside world, sports and, how to overcome difficult phases. Each parent has a set role to play in the lives of their kids. So, no one can take a dad’s place in a kid’s life. Following are the struggles your father faced to be a good dad:

 My Dad is a Celebrity – A father is not less than a celebrity at home because whatever he say or do is duly noted and followed by his children. So, he needs to be always at his best, creating an image of a perfect role model for his children. At times, it gets really hard for a dad to be in that protocol esp. when he is stressed or facing a tough situation. But, he does everything to be a perfect father.

Conceal the Emotions – A father does not only has to manage with his feelings rather hide it away from his sweet kids. His tears have to be out only when he is all alone because he is the core strength of the family. If he shatters his family would be shaken. Life has its ups and downs, but a father doesn’t let the sorrows touch his kids. He protects his kids and keeps difficult circumstances at bay. Regardless of his emotional stability, he will always have a cheerful face in front his children and fulfil their wishes.

Priority – Father is the breadwinner and he has to make sure that he has a stable finances to keep his kids happy. To keep a balance of both the worlds becomes difficult, multiple times. There are situations where his work demands more time over his family. He struggles to balance time between family and work. No matter how much he is tired at work, he always comes home and read bedtime stories to his kids. Late nights, and still you would see your father up early morning to send his kids to school.

The Wish List – Fathers always struggle to fulfil the unending demands of the kids. Every father wants to satisfy the needs of his child but there are times when financial or time constraint does not make it happen. Hence, dad makes an extra effort, so that he is able to give his children everything they desired. Not only this, it is the father who becomes Santa Claus on Christmas, and a clown to make his kids happy. He can get into any character to make their children cheerful.

Education – Fathers hates to compromise on the education of their children. They not only buy books but get acquainted with the characters of the books so that they are able to relate to their children’s world. It makes a father connected to their kids. He wants offspring to be educated and stand confidently in the society. For that, dads try to find quality time to spend with their kids and for going to bookstores. He is ready to work a few extra hours to pay your expensive tuition fees and remove any obstacle that comes your way.


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