As I stared my phone aimlessly, with the hope of my only friend calling me back, after a tiff we had. Unfortunately, I understood, no miracle can take place just by constantly looking at my mobile.

It made me realize, the art of waiting can sometimes be distressing and keeps the mind thinking and over thinking. It was ruining the peace of my mind. I can’t force him to apologize and ask to talk to me. Ultimately, it was me who was affected, so being a reiki practitioner, I thought to meditate and calm senses.

It came up to my mind to share with you all. Sometimes we fret over petty issues of our life that create tension in our mind leading to mood swings. A simple way to calm your life tensions is to simply ‘meditate’.

You can play ‘Om Chant’ on youtube, there are many variations to it. Pick one that keeps you focussed. Close your eyes, inhale and exhale slowly, at least 10 times, and keep all your worries aside. Focus on the middle of the eyebrows,with closed eyes. You can meditate for 5 to 30 minutes or an hour. While meditating, show gratitude for what all you have, and that life is beautiful. Release anger and detach from all the situations that lead your heart to pain. Forgive people who have hurt​ you in any way.

Om is really a powerful word and the vibrations can do wonders to your life. Try doing it twice a week and it will your mind and heart positive.


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  1. Awesome ! ” Om” says it all ! Peace be to All !

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    1. Aria says:

      Yes, Om is a super power word! Thanks for liking my post!

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