Home Exercises with an Awesome Results

Though we all have gym facilities around the corner, or in our complex but, there are apprehensive people who are either uncomfortable or just don’t have time to visit fitness centres. Are you one of those who have never exercised before? Trust me, you aren’t alone.

There may be several questions on your head as where to begin with, how to do exercises without  any exercising equipment at home; fretting over results, etc. Forget all the doubts and believe in: you can and you will destroy an unwanted guest named calories from your body, just by exercising at your sweet adobe.

The following tips that will give you awesome fitness results –

Get yourself a yoga mat and do all kinds of ‘aasans’ (different forms of yoga postures) in your living room. Surya namaskar is the most popular of all. You can watch it online and follow the instructions else buy yourself a yoga DVD, so no hassles to go to the gym. Don’t forget to warm up yourself before you begin any exercise. Moreover, there are many yoga professionals who are ready to train you at your own home. If your evenings are too busy depending on your work schedule, make it a point to do yoga in the morning, prior work.

Your house staircase is perfect for ‘step out’. It greatly emphasizes on your hips and you will see yourself losing weight from all over. As a beginner, you can do this in the sets of three. Take a break after each set for 20 seconds before you start the next set. Don’t forget to sip water. Gradually increase your sets for better results. You can see the staircase as one lap and briskly climb up and down for around 20 counts. Believe it or not, it is not less than a cardio exercise that people do at the gym.

Get yourself 5 lbs dumbbells to begin with and hold it in your hands. Lift your shoulders to the sides. This will help to lose weight from your arm area and will tone up at the same time. Hence, no question of sagging of skin later. Now, keep one dumbbell aside and raise your right arm to the left side, weight in your hand. You will feel the stretch on your right side of the stomach. This will help you get rid of side flabs.

Stomach crunches is a wonderful exercise to get hot abs. Lie down on the yoga mat and fold your legs, put your arms behind the head and try to get up halfway, breathing out while coming up. In fact, there are many exercises that can be done on the mat. Side legs exercise are one of them. Turn to one side, raise your leg as much high you can take it. If you feel the stretch in your inner thigh then, of course, you are on the right path. You can begin with 50 counts and slowly increase it, as your body starts feeling comfortable. Don’t be hard on yourself and do all the exercises slowly. Doing it in a rapid manner won’t give you expected results and you may hurt yourself in the process. Be careful that your back is straight in the respective exercises and keep a check on your postures.

A healthy body will rejuvenate your mind, recharge your body and success will be yours.


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  1. I love yoga, dance and weights and a lot of walking 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aria says:

    I love yoga too, it is so effective esp. on a muffin top. 😉


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