Whisper me

When my husband abandoned me unannounced, I wasn’t prepared to feel what it is like to have a man in your life, again. My mind, body and my soul were shattered in its own way, inch by inch.

Gradually, to recover I started using an app named ‘whisper’. Initially, I was under the impression of that we can make confessions without revealing our identity. As I started using this app, it started keeping me occupied with varied chat windows. It was fun chatting with people from all walks of life. You come across all kinds of human beings;there are users who simply wait for their husbands to go office so that they can indulge into intimate​ chat with teenagers. It is their kind of fun, and there are a few bunch of guys who find a wow feeling talking to woman elder to them because they are mature and sensible and of course good in bed.

There is another genre of people you would stumble upon and I fall into that category. People like me who are lonely, broken and damaged from inside. This is one app that keeps me busy and I get to interact all kinds of the crowd from around the world. It keeps me amused all day long.

I’ve met some good people out there, and they turned out decent. Sometimes, strangers are better to understand you instead your own people. I don’t know the semantics of it, but a perfect stranger can calm your senses perfectly well.

Try such apps, it can really ease you from within, temporarily.


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  1. ... says:

    Sadly I can understand how you feel. If you need someone to write to or whatever let me know. Have a lovely day.

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    1. Aria says:

      Thanks so much! Will inbox you, it will be great to know another blogger! 🙂


  2. ... says:

    That sounds good. If you click the contact tab near the top of my website you will see my emails or leave a message on wordpress somewhere, i’m sure I will find it (he says nervously). Here from you soon.

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