Heal Yourself

We all strive for a healthy and sound mind to lead a happy life. Does it comes straightforward to us? We all know the answer, obtaining soundness and peace in life is all that we struggle and aim for, either through a vacation or meditation.

Do we achieve it? We try and make efforts to, at least, maybe temporarily and sometimes lucky ones get it permanently. However, sometimes the chemicals in our body surface the old scars, the pain we had experienced before, the jealousy of others rising in their lives and many other types of similar issues​.

The more I try to heal myself, the more I find unknown unsettled emotions that been latched to me, all my life, maybe. I’ve realized by going on a holiday or socialising, retail therapy, these activities healing is short-lived. Of course, I am denying that these things don’t help, it relieves​ the stress for a while, maybe but in reality, it is clung​ to you like a gum.

We have our days, when we cry out aloud, in a room, or days when you want to share our feelings with someone but avoid it to let it out from our system. This becomes poisonous for us in the long run. We all go through phases of life, some good memories and some bad, some secret ones and some sparkles as sunshine. But the heart cracks when worst ones take over our life such as break ups, divorce, death, unfulfilling desires, and for other infinite reasons. Hence, I feel we all are damaged and hurt in some way and healing yourself takes time, patience and a lot of effort. People will come and go with their free advises but it is you, who knows perfectly as how to heal yourself. When we start to take ideas from our well-wishers, we forget the hunger of our soul, of what it wants.

As you continue to heal yourself, don’t keep thinking about the result. When wounds heal, it is not necessary​ the output will​ be the ​way you expected it to be. Just be gentle with yourself, and take every action to heal your mind and body for a better tomorrow. Don’t forget to aim for a permanent healing.


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