Manipulative Steps Every Girl Might Consider While Dating

A girl gives her heart and soul when she is in a relationship, but what if a girl gets into an affair with someone who is not correct for her i.e. maybe he is cheating or is there any future with him even or not. Hence, it is recommended to stratagem to test whether he is worthy of your time and emotional investment or using you as a tissue paper.

Test in the Crisis Time – Trick your beau in a situation where you are in a crisis and mount pressure on him to find out how he is in real. No matter how polite and good he has been to you, however, the actual behavior emerges when they are in tension or bounded to do something.

Patience Game – Go on a date a tad late to see how much patience does he have to wait for you. In fact, you will be able to give him that gorgeous walk right from the entrance and enjoy him awestruck to you or he will get mad at you. You will just know it.

The Confident Heels – Walking in heels would give you an authoritative character and every guy loves tall girls, no matter how much they say appearance doesn’t matter. Moreover, sky heels would make your legs slimmer and sexier.

The Bed Test – Subterfuge the guy to know that is he into you only for the bed performance or does he really have feelings for you. Hence, create such days where you aren’t served as a platter to him. How about calling it a sick night?

Act Pricey – You don’t have to be available every time he texts or emails you. Your time availability would make him start taking taken for granted. Keep your man wanting you more. Teasing is hot.

Spy Check – You are in doubt, get it out! Ask your hottest BFF to help you to find out whether your beau is cheating on you or not. Let your girlfriend flirt with him and see how low he can stoop to be with her.

Fake Orgasm – Lot many women fake orgasm and it will give him a confidence that he is able to satisfy you. Thus, you can tell him in a smart way so that he is able to give you a real shot rather than telling him directly on his face.

Emotional Blackmail – Next time your partner tells you that he can’t go for shopping simply make a sad face and say’ I would have gone with my pals, but none of them are free.’ Simply let a tear roll down on your cheek and see how he melts to come with you. It will help you to see how much he is attached to you, emotionally.

Food For Thought – Win a man’s heart with his stomach, hence, cook mouth-licking food so that he can’t say no to you for whatever you are about to demand him, not even that new gorgeous expensive car you have been eyeing for long.

Biology Is On Your Side – If your lover caught you when you are trying to manipulate him or you yell at him. Escape with PMS, guys can never refute on this one.

Tear, Tear Everywhere – Get the ball on your court when your love mate shouts at you by crying loudly as much you can. Men seriously don’t know how to make a girl stop crying.

Girl Power – Seduce him to make him do things according to your wishes. Every time having a puppy face would make him go shopping with you. Overpower with lust.

It Was For You – Whenever you do something wrong, put it to him that you did it for him.

Let Him Prove You Wrong – Trick him by saying that he is right however that guy wore it and it was looking really good on him (someone he doesn’t really admire).

Guilty Is Pleasure – Ask for something which you know your date would say no to your for; hence, just say – you expected this and this will make him feel that he always disappoints you. Thereafter, shoot for the thing which you really wanted.

Win His Favorite People’s Heart – Impress his closed ones and they will be praising about you, to your boyfriend. It will help you from complaints and nagging.


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