Important Factors Before You Say ‘I DO’

In India, more than marriage, Indians emphasize on the wedding day. They say dowry is unlawful still many would-be-brides become prey to it, silently. The differences between the two families start to arise when groom’s family bicker over the budget of the wedding (after all it is the bride’s father who is paying).

In this chaos of planning who are the major sufferers; it is no one else except – the ‘I DO’ couple.
Hence, there are tips to sail through your wedding and turn into a beautiful marriage for brides –

Arranged Marriage – Don’t be a coy, when asking about finances, I made a mistake of being apprehensive and after marriage, my husband surprised me with a platter of loans he owed.

See the Signs – Meet multiple times at different locations and at a different time. It helped one understand a lot of things about their partner – whether he is a morning person, how tired he feels after coming home from work. You may see these things as small details of life, but once you start living together, it is not the same.

The Behavior of His Parents & Siblings – It is equally important to meet his parents and siblings several times. Since,how long they would be able to conceal their antagonism. Because it is not alright if they don’t like you. You might see the consequences in future such as feeling out of place, lonesome, etc.

Move Towards a Positive Tomorrow – If you are someone who faced a lot of chaos at the wedding and had several arguments with your fiancé and his family due to pressure and unreasonable demands; remember never these negative thoughts come into your marriage. If they are still penetrating, it is a slow poison that will wither your relationship and you may end it.

Pre-wedding counselling sessions – Don’t really see being counselling popular among Indian anyways, though it is recommended that you go for one. It will smoothen the function of your relationship right from the beginning.

Discuss – Things that would not change, things you always dream of, people who are and will be always important to you.

Professional world – Talk to him whether he will be supportive to you or not.

Relationship Value – How important you will be for him after the wedding? I made a mistake, my ex left me without hearing my side of the story as he was brainwashed​ by his parents. Test him in a situation, it is better than a divorce or a heartbreak.

Myth – It is a ridiculous myth that getting married would resolve all the
surrounded issues of the wedding. That’s isn’t true.

Listen to words, inquisitively – Before you decide upon to say ‘I do’ analyze his each word practically rather than living in a fairy tale. No matter how perfect he appears, it is going to be your lifetime that you’ve to spend with him.


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