India| A Free Country But Are it’s Women Too?


Dear India,

Before I begin my letter to you, I would like to tell you that I am a patriotic person, undoubtedly. I am proud of it in many ways and disappointed, too.

I was born in your eastern part of the womb. All excited with sparkling brown eyes. I say womb because we treat our country as Godmother.

But, as I grew I felt dejected. You know why? Because I was born a baby girl and that too in India. Still thinking? Even we keep celebrating the Independence day year by year, we the women of this nation is still looking for freedom in our own ways.

Even today, a girl/woman has to surrender her needs, desires, wishes and live a compromising life. My thoughts, emotions, everything is caged. Just like a prisoner I gaze the moon in the sky and ask when will I get my freedom. My freedom to eat, sleep, think, wish, and be an author of my life. I don’t want people (so called society) who don’t even know me and understand decide my fate.

As a girl, our minds are conditioned in such a way that we start believing in sexism at a tender age. The baby boy gets a grand party and if it’s a girl the congratulation wishes will be – ” It’s alright, try next time, definitely, it will be a boy.”

I’ve started to sense it that my country is ashamed of feminine traits. Why are women seen in a different light? We have the same sky under​ our head, we react, act, exactly the same. So, why do we have this prolonged illness of gender biased sickness in our country? I was tearful with the thought and I don’t know what to do.

In every area of an Indian woman, we are seen as a decorative object. The question is: “Why is there no action against it?” Because girls upbringing is much different than boys in India.

We say we are an independent country, then, why a girl doesn’t have the liberty to decide her own future? She is refused to go for further education to college. Do you know the response of her parents? “Oh, you can’t be more qualified than your husband. If you study further, it will be difficult for us to find a groom for you.”
This is one of the examples.

I wonder why a girl should worry to be smarter than boys? Another example that I find hilarious happens in Delhi, quite often. So, if a lady is driving a car, it becomes​ a mission for the man to overtake her car by any means, to satisfy​ his male ego.

There are many instances to which any Indian girl would relate to it such as you are a girl, need to behave properly. Talk to everyone politely. You can’t play sports as it can make your skin dark. You can’t go to the temple because you are bleeding. Gosh! Why are child marriages still prevalent? Why a bride’s parents still give dowry? It’s the fear, fear of our daughter’s life. Do you think such marriages​ are worth it?

I wish the country can have a manual esp. for girls of do’s and don’t’s. When I was born I was ignorant of terms and conditions and biased laws of the country to raise me differently. If there is no law then why it is omnipresent.

I want our country’s men to be a feminist. Can it happen? India is an educated country but it is the mothers of the nation who needs to make their sons learn feminism. After all, we the women are together, not against each other.

Your Sincerely,

An Indian Woman


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