Tips For A Happy Weekend

Oh wow! The weekend is coming up! Your reaction: “another weekend, I will sleep, cook, and repeat.”

Silently, you would sulk that you will do house chores, run errands, or watch a movie by yourself; then you lie on a fresh morning Monday that you had a great weekend.

If you are able to relate to everything, what I just mentioned, then let me tell you, you are not alone; we all have such phase in our life where we hate weekends or it becomes too mundane just like our work.

However, you can ignite it in simply few ways, just how I did it. Because my weekends and weekdays are absolutely​ the same for me. So, to begin your weekend, you must keep a positive mind and look forward to it with full excitement. No one can go wrong with a curve on their lips. Hence, begin your day with meditation for about 10 minutes. It will keep your mind and body fresh and rejuvenated​.

You must remember weekends are for you, only you. Instead, of looking for people and being needy to spend your weekends, it’s better to find your own ways to enjoy it.

Go for a nail spa or for a painting​ class, or throw a party at your place; do whatever makes you happy. There are various options right from art & craft, joining a weekend short term course to just spending time at a gym or spa. You never know, you might find nice people to hang out with.

No matter how much you’ve lived in that particular city/town, there are always a few hidden treasures​ that you haven’t explored. Look for it, and you might find yourself clicking beautiful photos and you may get a new hobby to yourself. Take a group hike, nothing is better than a nature trail.

Get a pet, if you don’t have one, and spend some time with it. Trust me, you will become more compassionate​ and happy.

These things are better instead of being a couch potato for the entire weekend.


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