Exercises to Flaunt Your Butt


Nothing better than a curvy body and curvaceous body drives men crazy. The wonderful thing is shopping becoming so much easy, then. You can simply buy yourself a hot dress and not worry about your flabs.

However, losing weight doesn’t solve the purpose; toning of the body is equally important. Losing flabs make the skin saggy and it looks really bad. So, shaping up your body is not just about shedding your fat rather it is making your body look perfect from the right places. One of the most difficult body areas in the human body is to sculpt butts so the following are the effective butt exercises that are tried and tested. Now I flaunt my butt skinny jeans with confidence.
Step Up to Butt Up. It is one of the most effective exercises for the butt of your dreams. Step up workout can be done anywhere, all you need is a staircase, a park bench, or otherwise a gym is the safest bet in all. Initially, start with a low height platform and gradually you can increase the height of the step up. It really varies from the user’s height too. Choose your comfortability, else you will injure yourself. Once you are comfortable with the basic level, you can increase it to the hard that is have weights of maybe 5lbs in your hands. If weights are too much for you, bottles of water can be held in hands as weights. For more rigorous exercise, you can tie weights on your feet, this will be the highest level so start gradually on it.

The other one is side lifts. Place your exercise mat on the floor for hygienic purposes such as yoga mat. Turn to one side and lift your leg up and then bring it down but don’t put your feet on the floor. You can start with each set for 50 counts. It is perfect for not-so-easy-access muscles, absolutely apt for long settled fat. In the initial phase, you might feel the stretch and soreness esp. in your inner thighs after the exercise, but doing it on a regular basis will open the hamstrings of the legs.
The other mat exercise that you can do after side lift is butterfly kicks. This exercise is not only effective on the hips but will do wonders on your abs too.

A large majority of women are concerned over the stubborn fat on hips and abs. Hence, lie down on the mat facing your ceiling or sky and take your legs to 45 degree then just like butterfly wings push one leg up and the other lower (but it shouldn’t touch the floor). Keep moving your legs up down continuously, with alternating your legs. It will give you a firm and sexy butt.

There are different forms of ‘aasans’ (positions or forms) in yoga such as surya namaskar, etc. that will show great results in a short span of time. Yoga and Pilates are for those who are bored of doing the regular gym exercises and has not been able to see a great impact on their butt. Sometimes, the body gets so adjusted & comfortable with the daily gym exercise that the results start to diminish.

But don’t forget, one minute on lips forever on your hips. Eat consciously. The beauty of doing nothing phase is super lovely for me because I got time to shape up my body, after all. 🙂


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