Emotionally Detached

Affection, trust, joy, acceptance, care,etc. these are mere words until felt. Emotions demand to be felt, whether you like it or not. There was a time when emotions used to run my life. I was a slave to emotions, it arrested my mind and demanded me to surrender myself and like a naive girl, I did. All I heard was to live your life with heart, and you will simply fall in love with your life. However, my life turned into a tailspin.

At this moment, I’ve lost everything and rebuilding your empire again, doesn’t come easy. When I say empire, I meant friends, family, work, and of course my marriage. I’ve lost everything.

My life has turned upside down and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. The light can only be seen when there is an oncoming train. I’ve been trying to keep a positive mind but sometimes you just have to resign to the fate. Mainly, because you never reach anywhere fighting life and ultimately I’ve drained all my energy, even the camel storage.

Now, I am an emotionally detached person, I don’t feel anything because I feel at some point, everything is taken away, together or one by one. But it goes off. I believe there is always the sunshine after the rain. The hilarious part is I am stuck in a storm and that one a never ending one.

So, I’ve learnt my lessons that it is better to be practical and not emotionally too much connected with anyone/anything. It saves you from a sea of crisis.


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