Romancing with Spanish


Unlike everyone, I don’t have an agenda after the sunrise and no exhaustion after the sunset. To me, dawn and dusk are the same. Every day I have to invent something new to keep me amused. Something that can channelize the piling up energy in me, something that gives motivation to rise and shine each day.

So, to get through another usual day, I was enjoying my brew with my best buddy (my laptop),I stumbled upon a spanish website randomly and I was trying to understand the content. Silly me!
In a fraction of seconds, I felt, its a sign, an indication. Why not learn a new language? I always wanted to learn a foreign language, tried my hands on german already, though, but this time, I can invest my full concentration and my zeal towards it will be 100 percent.

Now, I am on a tight budget as I am a jobless person. Money became a huge factor to enrol myself for the spanish language course. I joined my brain wires and looked for websites that can provide free spanish course. To my luck, at least to get through basic level.

Something finally good happening to my humdrum life, esp. when you’ve lost everything in life. My hidden dream of learning a language is now at the fore. At least I will be able to learn a new language and that too for free. Sometimes, I wish education can be of free in my country, so that on a continous basis, we can polish and enhance our skills and talent.

The beauty of doing nothing has just proved amazing for me. A happy state of mind.


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