Healthy Way to Shape Up, My Way!

“Since I am under a metamorphosis phase and learning this entire world of beauty of doing nothing, I have zero physical activity that was making my body lethargic and fattening. So, I wrote a piece of advise for you all, that helped me to keep myself healthy and attractive and bounce back with confidence.”

Do you have an important event coming up? Your brain has been silently talking to you as how to shed weight in such a short span of time. Obviously, putting a curfew on your mouth from not eating will not help you, and weight loss supplements will not even be promising plus the side effects. Moreover, fretting over it would not solve your problem, either. Hence, you have to be tactful while dealing that muffin top. Plan it out, use specific regimes, and of course, have a rigorous exercise regime.

This is not it, you promise yourself that you will commit yourself daily to this routine to get the best results at a faster pace. You can’t lose grip on yourself, have self-control and pledge to yourself that will not eat cupcakes anymore in your office. First of all, increase your frequency of eating at home instead restaurants. Home cooked meals are filled with freshness, what can be better than a chemical free food. You can pamper your taste buds once a week, but start with salads so that your appetite is half way with fibers.

Going to the grocery shopping, determine yourself that you will skip the snack aisle and say no to chocolates and candy bar. If you crave to eat in between the meals, munch healthy snacks such as protein bars, and there is nothing like fresh fruits and almonds. You absolutely have to overlook and forget is the frozen aisle in any grocery store.

To eat and what to eat, that is the only question you have to keep in mind. Hence, have your breakfast like a king. No matter how late are you for your office, never skip breakfast. Fuel your body with a blend of protein, juice, fruits, oats and grains. It keeps your appetite satisfied.

You can’t get away from exercise. So, keep your sports shoes handy and whenever you get time, just go for a jog and feel rejuvenated. Do crunches while watching television or aerobics. You have to take out time for exercise, make it your top priority if you desire effective results, swiftly. Try alternative forms of exercise such as yoga, tai chi, Zumba, etc. If you are busy to find time to work out, how about jogging with your girlfriends, post dinner.

It is hard for anyone to leave alcohol aside. But, it is all worth it, with the slim figure you will have. No gain without pain, right? If you are someone who needs a drink, post work, then start saving it for the weekend. Alcohol is chockful of calories and has the power to spoil your healthy going diet. You don’t want all your hard work to go into the drain. Instead of liquor, opt for water, it will a high effect on your fat. Don’t forget to drink water before you eat esp. Before dinner. Water helps in weight loss and having it before a meal will give you the best results. Half a liter of water before your breakfast, lunch, and dinner will do wonders to your body, and will give results in a radiant face, naturally.
In a nutshell, have the right proportion of food, keep a check on the calories and say no to overindulgence to high-calorie food.


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  1. jasmin says:

    water, water, water. totaly agree.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aria says:

      Yeah, water for detoxification, hydration, radiant skin, it is the magic potion for our body.


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