Relationship Guru..Am I?


Each day, I think of ways to kill my boredom, otherwise, I become restless to the core hence, it becomes a vital part of my body to channelize energy in something particular. So, I started interacting with all kinds of people and I accomplished something in it, day by day, every day. Do you want to know, what is it?

We all are not happy in our relationships: be it with the spouse, parents, a particular friend,the monster boss or unsaid ones. The social media accounts look glittering, but inside, we all have a hole in our hearts (figurately). We all crib, because we don’t think alike and crave to do things our own way.
So, as I started to stimulate conversation with contrasting people, just like a color shade card, I analyzed that we are from the same origin, with a distinct output. Therefore, the needs are an assorted one.

I stumbled upon someone on a meetup group and we started talking for hours, maybe we started liking each other. The more we spoke, the more I understood that he has gone through a severe breakup and hasn’t overcome yet. It’s been 8 months and he has not been to a proper date. I felt the itch to help him. I don’t know why, maybe I didn’t have any assignment and I saw him as my own project, or probably I, myself was going through a much worse phase of life. Without any intention of my reward, I moved forward to help him. Yes, he is doing much better now and has started living life, once again.

Now, it’s been over 8 months and I am helping all kinds of people with their relationship issues, without a degree in psychology and with zero rewards. But, I discovered that I have a unique ability to help people​ and make them realize what are they going through and how they can fill that hole in their heart.

I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but it gives me a huge satisfaction to help someone in need, esp. whom I barely know. Who says, there is no beauty in doing nothing at all.


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