Broken Me

We all are going through something or the other in life. It seems no one is happy, either in their jobs, marriage, or the couch they’ve got. Is it because we all have made a habit of complaining? Or maybe, we’ve got too much of options on our plate that we choose to ignore the importance of the things we’ve got.
We all dance to the tunes of our emotions and at times get deeply involved in the emotions of the ocean that we don’t even understand – how did we reach at this current stage of life?
After my separation with my husband, I came across people from all over the world. I was overwhelmed. Then, I realized how different we have perspective towards life, but the approach is the same.
I met people who have many feathers on their hat and some were slogging in some way or the other. You know what did I find common in all that we have a tiny piece of our broken heart in some way. In some way, we all feel that hasn’t been fair to us. Maybe, it happened a long time ago, or yesterday. But we feel broken and that has created a gap which I call it as ‘ no zone’. A zone which is such vacuum that no one can fill this space – tangible or intangible.
So far, I didn’t find a way out to fill it. I don’t understand with what I can fill it. I tried it all and during my process, all I could understand was that ‘we become needy to fill this no zone, and in the journey, we attract the people who are a mirror to our character.’ Just like us they’re needy and keep looking for people just like a hunter looking for food.
Broken people attract broken human beings, no matter how rich are they, or talented but one thing that remain common is the ruin in their heart.

The beauty of doing nothing is that I found out something unique in my life. I have time to sense other people’s feelings as how they feel. You know what! I really feel good that my idle time is not trashing at all. Because I am learning to be strong and cribbing less when life has thrown lemons on me.


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