The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

The world is rushing to work or trying really hard to achieve something. I am sure, as you all open your eyes to the beautiful sunrise, your mind couldn’t even realize ‘ how beautiful the day is?’ and instead start to worry how to sail through the day smoothly.

But, I have nothing to do, no work, no money, totally dependent. Don’t be surprised. It takes a lot of courage to be doing nothing in comparison to going work and handling a chaotic life. I wake up, eat my sumptuous breakfast that is prepared by my beloved mother and then I browse the internet, read books, etc. But, the most important thing of my daily chore is helping people. Believe me, it is more challenging than any job. I help people with their work issues, presentation problems, writing an email to a client, or how to address an issue to their boss or of course relationship problems. Trust me, I can help in all. I am no therapist but people do come to for help and I just don’t know why. They always want to take my advice or want to tell me a secret which they have to share with someone to ease their muffin top.

So, maybe you must be thinking how this female is pretty okay by not doing anything. I tried, I struggled, I fall off from the cliff (figuratively) and now I am trying to regain my energy again to start a clean slate. People who go with rough times think that it is better to be occupied because an empty mind can create more problems. However, I don’t in it.

Not doing anytthing is helping me discover who actually I am. Instead of living a life with a set protocol, I took a risk of being without a string. I wanted to be out of the puppet strings for some time to be a bird who can fly her imaginations as far as she wants; and for once in  a lifetime not to be worried over societal pressures, customs of life and anything that restricts her & her thoughts.

My further posts will tell you how beautiful I have been feeling by doing nothing and what all I have discovered so far about myself.


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