Crossing Paths

Why we cross someone’s path? Why life make us meet several people in our life. They come in our life, we start to feel comfortable with them, and suddenly, they think of either to hurt or just intend to go away from our lives, without a warning signal.

Some say that we come in contact with others as they have a purpose. Why have they entered our lives at the first place? But, the pain, trauma, happiness remains in our mind as a memory forever​.

So, in life, a lot of people came in the form of many kinds of relationships such a friends, colleagues, well-wishers, etc. With time, everyone left one by one and chose to abandon me. Not that I never had long term people around, they did, but as we know, after every 7 years the cells get renewed in our body. My husband came into my life and he was so eager to marry me. Once we got married, all he wished was to get rid of me. It still pops into my mind that ‘why did he ever wanted me at the first place?’ If he was meant to leave me then why did he even came?. I have tried to get this answer for thousands of times, and I still don’t have one. As the time sailed through, his demand of not living with me increased​ and he came at such a point that he started hitting me. Was this the reason he came into my life? I am still looking for an answer. Why do we meet someone and they left our lives without a warning?

So, I got an acquainted recently with someone and he was himself going through a bad phase of a recent breakup​. Normally, guys move on quickly, but he was different. It’s been more than 6 months and he hasn’t dated anyone yet. He was emotionally broken and I tried to console him. Each day he was getting worst as he used to miss his girlfriend a lot. The hardest part is his girlfriend cheated on him and he wasn’t able to accept it to himself. They both were happy together then why life gave him lemons. Again, my mind cells came back to the same question that ‘why did this girl came in his life?’

What purpose is getting solved by crossing paths with different people? Or, is it just karma.


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